You're invited to join:

Sovereign Cycles

A 10-week live container to develop the radical body literacy, plant allies, and practical skills for reproductive sovereignty.


Reproductive Sovereignty is your birthright. 

We are no longer asking for permission

Or waiting for the right laws.

You are already a medicine holder

And you've been called to reclaim this wisdom 

To feel deeply confident not only in how to self-govern your womb, but also how to hold space for others

How to build meaningful relationships with the plants

Know how to be with birth and death in all its forms

And return reproductive rights to their rightful home -- in the hands of matriarchy.

Sovereign Cycles is for the current and aspiring medicine keepers who are ready to carry a deep understanding of how to navigate these waters, support their communities, and walk this path with trust over fear. Welcome.


This 10 Week Container Includes:

Live Learning & Recorded Resources

Learn the science and the sacred of walking through the pregnancy prevention and release portals through body literacy, plants, practices and more. We'll meet live each week for 2 hours, with short pre-recorded materials available for study each week. All materials will be recorded and kept available in the private members portal.

Private Community

This work was meant to be done in sisterhood. In Sovereign Cycles, you'll have access to a private, uncensored and inspiring community of radical women and community practitioners engaging in this work alongside you.

Ongoing Mentorship & Support

Receive ongoing mentorship beyond the course dates in the private community, where we share resources, source herbs, engage in continuing education and support each other on our personal journeys as we hold this work.

The Modules 

Course meets Tuesdays, 4-6pm pst/ 7-9pm est July 5 -Sept 6. All sessions are recorded and available in the members portal. 

Weeks 1-2

Life, Death and the Fertility Continuum

The female body has an innate capacity to govern life and death. What does that responsibility mean, and how do we honor it? In the first two weeks, we will explore life and death through the menstrual/ovulatory cycle, hone our fertility awareness skills (even if we've practiced for years), and do unpack our own relationships with how we show up in integrity in this work.

Weeks 3-4

Sacred Physiology: Conception, Implantation, and Pregnancy Prevention

What happens between conception and the time when someone is legally pregnant? This module will focus on gaining a deep understanding of the physiology of implantation, why this magic window is so important, and how we can work with key plant allies to interrupt the implantation process.

Weeks 5-6

Plants, Pills and Practices for Release 

How do plants actually encourage menstruation -- and how do we build relationships with them? How can we safely and effectively educate about release pills? What does supporting a release look like from start to finish? In this module we'll dive deep into building both our intuitive wisdom and our factual knowledge about the star plant (and other) allies in this work and how to work with them.

Weeks 7-8

Safety, Nourishment, and Honoring Postpartum

How do we tend to the physical, emotional and spiritual safety needs throughout this transition? We'll talk contraindications and managing toxicity, how to encourage nourishment, and how we can bring ritual and sacredness to the postpartum time.

Weeks 9-10

Doing the Work: Cultivating Your Toolkit and Collective Case Studies

As we come to a close, you will be supported in cultivating your own reproductive sovereignty toolkit and/or library, and we'll discuss case studies, lingering questions, and visions for how we can be collectively resourced as we hold each other in this work.


Ongoing Support & Mentorship 

Included in this program is 5 months of access to a private practitioner container in The Womb Room, where you can continue to share your questions, experiences, resources and supplies, and receive mentorship and support on your own path.


(These are Earlybird prices. Investment will raise to $1111 or 4 payments of $300 on June 16.)

You're ready for this container  if:

  • You feel deeply called to understand the wise woman ways of pregnancy prevention and release, not only for yourself, but also for your community
  • You're ready to stop relying on institutions to protect your womb, and instead feel confident about how to take responsibility for your reproductive life
  • You want to feel confident and prepared with herbs, medicines, practices and mentorship to support yourself & others through pregnancy prevention and healing from release
  • You feel lit up by the idea of joining and inspired, private network of radical practitioners and wisdom keepers to encourage you on your journey


A Love note from your facilitator

Dear One,

I trust that if you've made it here, it's for a reason. 

You know this medicine is already in your blood, your heart, and your lineage.

That we can no longer afford to wait for "somebody else."

It has been my honor to hold space for the womb continuum and cycles of birth & death in so many ways over the years --and it is my deep honor to walk with you as you enter this work, too.

If you are ready to step into the matriarchal role of holding this work of reproductive sovereignty in your community, this is for you.

I can't wait to walk with you.

With love,


Where Your Investment Goes

Though I am not obligated to share how I use my funds, it feels of particular importance in this type of work to share how your reciprocity impacts me and the communities I serve. The proceeds from this container go toward supporting:

Free & Donation Based Education & Herbal Support

I support dozens of low-income individuals each year with herbs, consults + more in the reproductive sovereignty realm, including outside of the country which I offer at donation or no cost. I am often a "last resort" call. Your investment allows me to keep my apothecary stocked so that I may continue to give generously.


Scholarships to BIPOC Practitioners

A percentage of each participant's exchange goes toward a scholarship fund to support rising BIPOC practitioners in the work of fertility awareness, pregnancy prevention and release, birth and postpartum support.

Sustaining Myself & My Family

Your participation and reciprocity in my work has an immense impact on my life, and allows me to support myself and my family so that I may continue to show up for this sacred work without burning out. Much, much gratitude.